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ITU-UUM Asia Pacific Centre of Excellence for Rural ICT Development Universiti Utara Malaysia

Press Release
By ITU-UUM Asia Pacific Centre of Excellence (ASP CoE) for Rural ICT Development

UUM becomes the ITU Asia Pacific Centre of Excellence (ITU ASP-CoE) Programme Leader for Rural ICT Development

Putrajaya, 6 February 2007 –Yang Berhormat Dato’ Seri Dr. Lim Keng Yaik, the Minister of Energy, Water and Communications, Malaysia launches the ITU Asia Pacific Centre of Excellence (ITU ASP-CoE) Rural ICT Development Programme led by the Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM).
The creation of the global Centre of Excellence (CoE) Network is an ITU undertaking on behalf of developing countries. The CoE concept emerged from various needs for setting up a cooperative mechanism that could promote the sharing of experiences and dissemination of best practices from public, private or semi-public institutions to build human capacities in the telecommunication sector in developing countries. Such assistance is basically intended to enable institutions to keep pace with the evolution and gradual liberalization of the telecommunication sector.
There are currently six Regional CoE Networks established by the ITU. Since 2003, more than 13,000 telecommunication/ICT professionals and executives have received training through various CoE programmes around the world.
The establishment of the new Asia & Pacific Centre of Excellence (ASP CoE) is a further step in the implementation of the regional mechanism that had been previously established since January 1999. This new phase is in line with Doha’s World Telecommunication Development Conference 2006 resolutions, which among others emphasise the need for human capacity building initiatives in developing countries.

ITU ASP-CoE Rural ICT Development Programme:
Generally, the primary function of the CoE is to train policy-makers, administrators, regulators, operators and other stakeholders in establishing priorities and regulations in the national sector, as well as to train corporate directors in the management of telecommunication networks and services. In the same way, UUM will specifically serve as the ASP-CoE Programme Leader in the domain of Rural ICT Development to deliver quality training within the Asia & Pacific Region.
Within its role as the Programme Leader, UUM will establish a one-stop knowledge repository by acquiring, preserving and providing access to a wide range of training materials on Rural ICT Development, especially those pertaining to the Asia & Pacific Region. By setting up this repository, the ITU ASP-CoE will contribute to the development of high-level know-how and expertise in telecommunication policy, regulatory issues, corporate management and advanced telecommunication technology.
The engagement of UUM in research and consultation activities in the area of Rural ICT Development will also be further reinforced. UUM aspires to become a world-famous centre for academic research, consultancy and knowledge innovation able to advise ITU member organizations in the region.
The ITU-UUM ASP CoE training programme will be delivered through face-to-face and online methods. The first training activity will begin in May 2007.

Building Relationships:
As per the CoE strategy and the role of all ASP-CoE Programme Leaders, UUM aims at facilitating the sharing of regional expertise and will provide assistance with the planning, organization and implementation of high quality training. These training programmes will be developed in close collaboration with users, organizations and stakeholders. Specifically, a coherent sequence of training opportunities will be provided in the domain of Rural ICT Development that will:

  • Provide insights on the current trends and practices
  • Promote regional success stories
  • Identify key features of technical solutions
  • Review regulatory frameworks for an enabling environment
  • Analyse the economical feasibility of various implementations

UUM is also looking to draw synergies from partnerships with multilateral organizations, financial institutions, development agencies, Member States and Sector Members to generate commitments, financial and/or in-kind contributions for project sustainability in the delivery of human capacity building initiatives in the region.
By building smart partnerships through the ASP-CoE network, ITU and UUM aim at bridging the gap between the "information rich" and the "information poor" and accelerating the development of the information society in the region.

Contact Details:

For further information, please contact:

ITU-UUM ASP CoE for Rural ICT Development
Convention Complex, Universiti Utara Malaysia
06010 UUM Sintok, Kedah, MALAYSIA.

T: +604 - 928 4951/4954
F: +604 - 928 4959
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